Suppliers have until 3/31 to submit proposals to Internet Brasil and to the public school connection project

- 16/03/2022

Currently, among the projects with open calls for contracting suppliers by the National Teaching and Research Network (RNP) are the Internet Brazil Program and the pilot project that provides for internet connection to public schools, within the already existing Wi-Fi Brasil program, both in partnership with the Ministry of Communications (MCom). The novelty is that the deadline for receiving proposals from interested providers for the two projects has been extended to 3/31. But be careful: it is worth mentioning that the two projects are independent and the hiring of suppliers for the initiatives is not related.

Access the Terms of Reference of the Internet Brasil here and of the pilot project for internet connection to public schools  here.

About the Internet Brasil Program

The Internet Brazil Program aims to promote free mobile broadband internet access for students enrolled in basic education in the public school system, coming from families enrolled in the Single Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico) of the Federal Government. Learn more.

About the pilot project for internet connection to public schools

The initiative aims to connect public elementary and high schools that do not have access to the internet. Initially, 8,000 schools were identified as suitable for taking part in the initiative. Learn more.



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