Norte Conectado Program


The Norte Conectado Program was created by the Ministry of Communications (MCOM) with the mission of expanding the communications infrastructure in the Amazon Region. Through the implementation of an optical fiber backbone, composed of eight infoways, the Program will meet public policies on telecommunications, education, research, health, defense and the judiciary, as well as other public policies that may come within the scope of the Program.

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Norte Conectado

RNP's role


RNP is executing the pilot project, Infovia 00, which connects five cities: Macapá, Almeirim, Monte Alegre, Alenquer and Santarém. Infovia 00 is the first among the eight infovias in the program, led by the Ministry of Communications.

The work consisted of a selection process for contracting an underwater optical cable installation service, carrying out an Enhanced Route Study (ERA), transshipment of subfluvial optical fiber cable, and qualifying those interested in joining the consortium that will act as a Neutral Operator for Infovia 00.

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Infovia 00


Infovia 00 connects Macapá (AP) to Alenquer (PA), passing through the municipalities of Almeirim, Monte Alegre and Santarém, serving around 1 million people. The project is considered to have a low environmental impact, since it uses the riverbeds to reach the population and does not require deforestation, as would be the case if the cables were installed overland.

Results of calls to suppliers