Research, Development and Innovation Incentive Grant Program 


About the program

RNP's Research, Development and Innovation Incentive Grant Program is an initiative that, among other objectives, provides grants for qualified students and researchers to work in the scope of Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) projects managed by RNP.



Promote technical and professional exchange through research activities with national and foreign teaching and research institutions;

Offer opportunities for updating knowledge about new RD&I processes or management models by Brazilian or foreign researchers residing in Brazil;

Provide grant holders, through their supervisor, with the learning of scientific techniques and methods, as well as encourage the development of scientific thinking and creativity, resulting from the conditions created by direct confrontation with research problems;
Encourage the implementation of RD&I programs and projects that contribute to technological development and innovation in the country.

Frequently asked questions:


Who can participate in the Program?
Any Brazilian or foreign student or researcher residing in Brazil. The grant modalities provided for in the program's regulations range from undergraduate students to experienced researchers with a complete doctorate. The grant modality, as well as the grant holder's area of expertise, depend on the RD&I project to which the grant is linked.

How can I participate?
Grants are linked to RD&I projects financed or managed by RNP. Opportunities for project calls or grant calls, when available, are published on the “Public Notice” page.

What is the duration of the grant?
The duration depends on the duration of the RD&I project to which the grant is linked. In general, the grants last for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months, but they can be renewed for the same period in case the project is extended or approved for a new phase of R&D.

What is the grant value?
The value of the grant may vary depending on the type of grant, the grant holder's title and the source of funding for the RD&I project to which the grant is linked. ANNEX I of the regulation presents a table with the maximum values allowed.

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