Fraud Catalog 

We handle incidents to assure the academic network security.


About the Catalog

Launched in 2008 to alert the education and research community about the main scams in circulation on the Internet, today, our Fraud Catalog is an important repository of messages classified as fraudulent, which serves as a source of information for Brazil. 

Access the catalog


+ than 12 thousand

fraud samples available for check


Approximately 15 thousand

screened messages every month


About 100

new examples cataloged monthly 



  • Check of samples of frauds disseminated by e-mail;
  • Access to real-time statistics about fraud categories;
  • Clarification of the most common doubts about what to do to protect against this type of scam.

What to do when receiving a suspicious message?

In case of frauds disseminated by e-mail, also known as phishing, the attacker aims to obtain personal data or download malicious files, which might cause financial and image damage to people and businesses.
To report a suspicious message, send an e-mail to:

[email protected]

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