Inter-Ministry Program

The RNP Inter-Ministry Program (PRO-RNP) was created in October 1999 to finance the implementation and the maintenance of an advanced academic internet network.

Currently, the program provides joint investments by the Ministries of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), Education (MEC), Health (MS), Citizenship and Defense (MD).

Access the Inter-Ministry Ordinance No. 3825 dated December 12, 2018.

To coordinate the program, a Management Committee (CG-RNP) was created to ensure the achievement of the goals and to define the PI-RNP guidelines and operationality, as well as to set operating rules, establish implementation schedules and to clarify doubts and divergences in the work development. CG-RNP is coordinated by representatives of the ministries in alternate mandates of one year, and planning, implementation, operation and coordination of the network is under the RNP responsibility.

Composition of the PRO-RNP Management Committee 

Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC)
Júlio Francisco Semeghini Neto           Main member 
Vitor Elísio de Oliveira Menezes           Deputy

Ministry of Education (MEC)
Eddie Casimiro Dutra      Maim member
Gustavo Guércio Fernandes  Debuty

Ministry of Citizenship
Felipe Sartori Sigollo      Main member 
Luiz Eduardo Lima de Rezende   Deputy

Ministry of Health (MS)
Jacson Venâncio de Barros  Main member
Otávio Pereira D’Avila         Debuty

Ministry of Defense (MD)
Francelmo Araújo Costa    Main member
José Roberto de Moraes Rego Paiva Fernandes Júnior   Deputy

National Council of State Departments of Science, Technology and Innovation Affairs
Gilvam Máximo                Main member
Cecília Herrmann Rocha    Deputy 

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