Run compliance and performance tests in software-defined infrastructures.

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OpenFlow Laboratory

The LOFT laboratory consists of a set of equipment from different manufacturers and a server that enables creation of virtual machines and SDN controllers to be used during the experiments.

Located at our Internet Data Center (IDC) in Brasilia, the virtual laboratory enables us to test and approve OpenFlow protocol-based equipment and controllers freely and independently, and to evaluate the performance of the network using this technology.



Where can I access?

All LOFT features are available for SDN experimentation. The user shall make his booking request informing his institution, project name, relation (teacher, student, researcher) and the desired topology for the experiment. 

Once the request is approved, the resources are allocated and reserved within the requested period. The user can even specify the operating system of the machines to be created in the service. The tools adopted in the experiments are freely chosen by the researcher, who may also request assistance from the support team for installation and setup of the experiment environments.



How to access?

The service offers dedicated virtual machines for the academic community to be able to make their own experiments with SDN. The interested researchers shall fill in a form and wait for contact from the LOFT team, informing acceptance and scheduling the experiment.

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