Privacy is our commitment

RNP offers several advanced network and collaboration services to the teaching, research and innovation community in Brazil. And we are committed to always doing so in a safe and reliable manner, in addition to ensuring transparency in the relationship with each of our services and systems users.

RNP's various products and services, in general, are aimed at the public of institutions and entities in the field of teaching, research and innovation that make up the RNP System, including managers, researchers, professors, students, visitors, among other user profiles. For the use of these services, RNP may process personal data shared by institutions or collect them directly from users.

Therefore, we highlight here our commitment to the proper treatment of personal information, making sure that this commitment is also followed by our partners and suppliers, with advanced controls and tools to guarantee the security of your data, always respecting your privacy.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy encompasses the collection and processing of personal data, online and offline, carried out in all RNP activities, including:

•    Identity management services;

•    Collaboration services;

•    Storage and hosting services;

•    Education and training services;

•    Events for the community;

•    Communication and marketing;

•    Service and support channels;

•    Internal corporate activities.

Legal and regulatory guidelines

RNP's Privacy Policy was developed in accordance with current national legislation and decrees, as well as considering provisions present in RNP's internal policies and guidelines, as listed below:

•    General Personal Data Protection Law (Federal Law 13.709/2018);
•    Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Federal Law 12.965/2014);
•    Access to Information Act (Federal Law 12.527/2011);
•    Qualification of Social Organizations (Federal Law 9.637/1998);
•    RNP's Information Security Policy; and
•    RNP Transparency Policy.

How do we treat your personal data?

RNP bases all activities that carry out some type of processing of personal data according to the following principles:

  • Purpose: we only process any personal data to meet specific and determined purposes to carry out the operation of our services
  • Necessity: we limit the processing of personal data only to what is strictly necessary to meet the previously defined purposes;
  • Compliance: we guarantee that the processing of personal data in the operation of our services is fully compatible with the previously defined purposes;
  • Transparency: we guarantee that you are informed in a clear and transparent way about all personal data processing operations carried out by RNP and, eventually, by partners and suppliers;
  • Quality: we work so that the personal data processed by RNP are truthful and are always correct and up-to-date;
  • Security: we apply the necessary technical and administrative measures to guarantee the protection of your personal data;
  • Prevention: we apply measures to prevent the occurrence of any accidental or unlawful situation of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or unauthorized access;
  • Non-discrimination: we will never process personal data to discriminate against people or for illicit and abusive purposes;
  • Free access: we ensure the exercise of your rights, such as access to all your personal data that RNP and its partners process, anonymization, blocking and deletion of data.
  • Responsibility and accountability: we adopt measures to demonstrate the actions implemented to comply with applicable laws.

How do we collect your data?

RNP may process personal data through registrations made in forms within our platforms, and may also process data related to the use of our platforms and browsing our services, in addition to those provided in registrations in events such as webinars, workshops, meetings and forums.

Depending on how you interact with us, certain personal data may be collected and processed to meet the specific purposes of the type of service used. In general, we group the purposes as follows:

Registration data


Full name, contact information, e-mail, Institution, position, municipality, state of the federation.

Ensure your participation and identification in events, sending exclusive content through e-books and newsletters, allowing us to contact you to answer your requests or resolve questions. 

Request record data


Nome completo, e-mail, phone, CPF

Allow RNP to contact the requester and allow identification, when necessary. 

Browsing and service usage data


Full name, email, Institution, browser and device information, IP address, date and time, access to platform resources.

Allow RNP to contact the requester and allow identification, when necessary. 

Personal data may be requested directly from you or may be provided to RNP through Institutions linked to the RNP System that adhere to the services offered.

Specific information about the personal data collected and the details of the purposes for each process can be found in the privacy notices of each RNP service and event, which can be found on their respective pages. Below you can find the privacy notices of our main services:

What is sensitive data?

By default, we do not collect or process personal data related to racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, union or party affiliation or religious, philosophical or political organization, data referring to health or sex life.

In specific and determined cases where RNP collects or processes, in some way, sensitive personal data, we will request your prior and express consent for any processing that is voluntary or, in cases where there is a regulatory need, we will inform you in detail about all the applicable legal bases.

Who do we share your data with?

By default, we do not share personal data related to the use of our services with other organizations for commercial purposes.

Some personal data, for reasons of support and operation of our services and platforms – such as, for example, storing information, sending communications, among others – may be processed by partners and suppliers in Brazil or abroad. We contractually guarantee that they follow our security and confidentiality standards.

In events held by RNP, we may also share your exclusively contact data with our partners and sponsors for the purpose of promotional actions, marketing and offer of products and services relevant to your profile.

We will guarantee you total control over the receipt of these communications, assuring you, whenever requested, of the interruption of sharing and the removal of your contacts from our databases.

How long do we store your data?

We are committed to storing personal data for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the defined purposes, but also not failing to comply with the legal and regulatory determinations to which RNP is subject.

The period of storage of this information may vary according to the service used and the characteristics of each case. For example, the data collected from the RNP System service registration forms may be kept during the evaluation process and, in case of approval, during the accession term.

The personal contact data processed by RNP to solve doubts and queries are stored even after the requester's service has been completed, for history and follow-up purposes.

In the case of products and services provided by RNP and to which the Institutions adhere, processed data are stored for the duration of their provision and will be deleted when accession is discontinued, or in the event that you request the deletion of these data - with the exception of those data necessary for the fulfillment of obligations, such as in cases where it is necessary to provide data to public authorities.

More information about the period and form of sharing personal data in RNP's products and services can be found in the respective Privacy Terms.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies are small text files with temporary access information that are automatically stored on devices when they access our platforms. This cookie information serves to recognize, track and store the places you visit on the Internet. We use cookies to make your experience visiting our services even simpler, easier and more personalized.

There are several types of cookies, but we generally only use three categories:

Necessary cookies: used to allow the correct basic functioning of our portals, such as browsing between different pages within the same session when you use your access credentials, keeping form filling information or defining your privacy preferences, for example.

Statistical cookies: used to help RNP know and improve the functioning of its portals, allowing, for example, the identification and monitoring of pages with the highest number of hits, so that we can improve the user experience. It is important to point out that these cookies are used in an aggregated and anonymized way.

Marketing cookies: used to present personalized advertisements and communications from RNP to users of our portals.

It is important to point out that you can, at any time, deactivate the use of cookies – including the necessary ones – through your browser settings. However, by disabling cookies, some features may not work properly and negatively impact your experience using our portals.

How do we protect your data?

The security of your personal data under our responsibility is a priority. All personal data is processed in accordance with our information security rules, which follow the most rigorous technical standards, such as ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 27000. We have a highly specialized team in information security, the Security Incident Service Center– CAIS.

Among other attributions, our team is responsible for monitoring the security of our products and services, acting in cases of security incidents, defining and executing preventive security controls, including the evaluation of all technology suppliers contracted by RNP, in order to verify compliance with our standards of security controls, both in the provision of technology solutions and in access to personal data under our responsibility in the development of the services for which they were contracted.

Whenever we identify the possibility of a risk due to the processing of your personal data, RNP will prepare an impact report on the protection of personal data, which will contain all the technical and administrative measures taken to prevent and minimize the occurrence and the impact of a possible incident due to the processing activity. Although we do not have 100% control over factors that may compromise data security at any time, such as, for example, unauthorized use of your credentials, or possible hardware and software failures, or during data transmission over the Internet, we are committed to always using our best efforts to ensure that our products and services operate with the highest level of security and without interference, guaranteeing, in cases of interruptions caused by errors or failures, return to normality in the shortest possible time. Finally, we will always keep you informed in cases of security incidents involving your personal data, especially those that may generate risks or significant damage.

Privacy in the development of products and services

We are committed to putting the protection of your privacy at the center of the entire lifecycle of developing new products and services – as well as improving existing services.

This means that we ensure that our tools and portals can be used safely and with a minimum privacy standard applied, without any additional or extensive processing of your personal data, according to the specific purposes of each service and, in the face of your consent, to give you all the information necessary for your real freedom of choice and your complete knowledge about the use of your data.

Do you have any doubts to clarify?

If you have any questions or would like more details and information about how RNP handles your personal data, please contact our Data Processing Officer.

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