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An online, safe and collaborative environment to hold classes, meetings, lectures, projects and work. This is Conferência Web, RNP's service that provides virtual rooms for meetings and shortens the distance between two or more people. The tool's biggest difference is that it was created to specifically meet the demands of Brazilian teaching and research institutions. Students, teachers, researchers and other members of the academic community can use the service free of charge.



What ConferênciaWeb offers:


>> Recording of meetings or classes, without time limit;

>> Transmission and storage of content on Eduplay, Youtube or other streaming services;

>> Integration with Moodle;

>> Rooms with capacity for up to 150 people;

>> Up to 16 support rooms; 


>> Features such as polls, shared notes, collaborative document creation, uploading presentations, as well as screen sharing and use of multiple cameras;

>> Public chat and private chats with room participants;

>> Exclusive support 24 hours a day, seven days a week; 



>> Secure access and commitment to the privacy of its users' data, in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD);

>> Talk to those who are part of it: you can suggest improvements and collaborate directly with the evolution of the platform, through feedback, at the end of each session.   


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ConferênciaWeb is one of most used RNP services




 >> 43.245.492 accesses

>> 7.775.125 sessions

>> 3.558.708 meetings

Between 2014 and 2022.

In 2022, the service had more than 7 million accesses, 
almost 700 thousand sessions and a monthly average of 138 thousand different users.




How to use

Students, teachers, researchers and other members of the academic community can use the service. Connected to the internet, access from your computer or have a mobile experience using the application available for download on Google and App Store.

Simply use the Federated Academic Community (CAFe) login, ensuring identification and reliable access to the service. You can also access ConferênciaWeb with your Google or Facebook account to participate in meetings with up to four other participants. Tip: For the best experience, use a headset and your camera.

Do you have any questions or requests about the service? Access RNP's service channels.



What those who use the service say 



How to subscribe to the service

If your institution has not yet signed up to the service, contact the IT department and suggest Conferência Web. Now, if you are the IT Manager, access NasNuvens and request membership.


Find out more about the service:

Access the ConferênciaWeb success case and learn more about its history, evolution, impact on teaching and research institutions, improvements and feedback.

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