Administrative Board 

The Administrative Board (CADM) is the superior deliberative and management body of the RNP Association, whose function is to enforce the social purpose of the organization, approve issues related to human resources and examine the accounts, the financial statements and documents of the organization. It is composed according to the guidelines in the he Law of Social Organizations, which determines that in these collegiate bodies, representatives of the government, entities of the civil society, associates and users shall participate.

Current composition of the Administrative Board

Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC)
Maximiliano Salvadori Martinhão (President of the Board)
Otávio Viegas Caixeta

Ministry of Education (MEC)
Nícolas Ramos da Cruz
Gustavo Guércio Fernandes

Brazilian Computer Society – SBC
Alberto Egon Schaeffer Filho 

National Computer Network Laboratory – LARC
Paulo André da Silva Gonçalves

Points of Presence – PoPs
Jussara Issa Musse
Allan Gonçalves de Oliveira

Associates – AsRNP
Márcia Regina de Souza

User Committee - ComUsu
Alberto Wester

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