FIX is a part of the traffic exchange initiative of the Internet Managing Committee in Brazil ( -

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RNP manages and operates FIX - Federal Network Interconnection Point – situated in Brasília (DF). Created 2002, the service works as a Traffic Exchange Point (PTT) and makes access to other sites outside the academic network feasible.


Why do I need FIX/PTT?

FIX enables navigation among governmental, commercial and educational and research sites to be efficient. The result is better performance and quality for your customers, and avoids each of these networks to seek data exchange (peering) separately.


How to bring FIX to my institution

There is no cost to joining FIX, nor there is a limit of networks that can participate in the initiative. To connect your institution, simply have your own CIDR block (IP addresses) and be an autonomous system (ASN); have dedicated and permanent access to the global internet; invest to take your network to the point or allocate another infrastructure to connect to FIX.

I want to join

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