RNP launches new institutional video, see production details

- 15/12/2023

Did you see? Recently, RNP launched its new institutional video! Titled “O Articulador de Futuros” (The Articulator of Futures), the short film is the organization’s first recorded institutional project and reflects important attributes of the brand, in light of the rebranding done in 2022, year in which RNP completed 33 years of existence.

In the video, we meet a dreamy child who, through access to the internet and the knowledge available there, expands his perception of the future paths he can follow throughout his life and, thus, conquers previously unimaginable spaces. In a playful way, the journey taken by the character represents the story of thousands of Brazilians impacted by digital inclusion, a mission to which RNP has been committed since it was created.


In the first act, the video makes reference to connectivity initiatives for basic education of which the organization is part, such as the Internet Brasil projectthe Connected Education Innovation Policy (PIEC) and the Schools Connection project. Next, we see a representation of the high-capacity connection that RNP provides to higher education institutions, through Rede Ipê, the access to advanced services available to the academic community that is part of the RNP System and the innovation projects that promote collaboration between students, teachers and researchers in Brazil and around the world. In this context, connectivity is presented as a means to an end, which is to generate connection with the world around you, with other people, institutions, new ideas and solutions.

“We are in a new organizational moment. Last year, we had the rebranding of RNP. And, with the new brand, we have new attributes, with an eye towards the future. It's 34 years of history! RNP was a pioneer in bringing the internet to Brazil, and today it continues to build this history, through digital transformation. We have this view of connectivity that moves towards connection. This is very powerful, as an organization! At the end of the day, we are talking about people. They are people who build the RNP and interact with other people. And, in this video, we seek to represent the impact and benefit of RNP’s actions for many Brazilians”, details Leonie Gouveia, Communications coordinator at RNP.

Behind the cameras

The video is the result of extensive work with several stages, such as scriptwriting, production, costumes, scenography, filming, editing and post-production, in partnership with the production company 24 Quadros. It is worth noting that the video's storyboard (which is a sketch to visualize the creation scene by scene) was created using artificial intelligence, with a final result very close to the ideal. Watch the making-of of the video and see more details about this production:


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