UFC hosts workshop on network technologies

- 21/01/2019

From 29 to 31/1, the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) will host the third Workshop on Network Technologies of the state - the WTR-CE. The activities will be held free of charge from 8 am to 6 pm on the Pici campus, with lectures and mini-courses for professionals from public and private education and research institutions in Ceará.

The workshop aims to promote the integration, training, and increase of the cooperation between the Information and Communication Technologies professionals of the institutions, as well as disseminating the policies adopted within the academic network as a whole, in order to seek excellence in the services provided.

Three training courses will be offered, with topics ranging from IT governance, Scrum fundamentals, offered by the ESR, and two other hands-on networking infrastructures.

During programming, participants will be able to interact in lectures offered on RNP's advanced solutions and services, international connections and the expansion of connectivity services in the state; with the participation of the Information Technology Company of Ceará (Etice) and the company Angola Cables.

For the technical coordinator of RNP's Point of Presence in Ceará (PoP-CE), Marcos Frota, the event is still an opportunity for new business with internet providers. "Many providers seek to understand what the academic network is and how to partner. For this, we will have a round table on the impacts of this infrastructure and the state initiatives in connectivity, such as the Digital Belt, "said Frota.

The WTR-CE is part of the Training and Integration System, an accomplishment of the National Network of Teaching and Research (RNP), together with the local Point of Presence (PoP-CE). 

To participate in the round of lectures on 31/1, sign up at the event's website.


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