Technology is a fundamental ally in the fight against climate change, emphasizes RNP Forum keynote speaker

- 11/07/2023

Ana Toni, Secretary of Climate Change at the MMA, will discuss the role of technology in the environmental cause

Recent data from the National Center for Environmental Prediction of the United States (USA), linked to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the country (NOAA), point out that the first week of July was the hottest ever recorded on Earth, with the global average temperature breaking a heat record for three days. With the effects of climate change being increasingly felt on the planet, there is an increasing need to debate solutions to the issue and one of the ways may be the use of emerging technologies. 

The subject will be presented in the 12th edition of the RNP Forum by keynote speaker Ana Toni, Secretary of Climate Change at the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MMA). On August 30, she will speak about the need to develop and use new tools that help the climate cause, for the sake of the future of the planet.

“Emerging technologies are key to tackling climate change. Not only low-carbon technologies, but mainly those that allow networking with the private sector, governments and civil society. The solutions are increasingly transversal. And it is ideal to look for these new technologies that help us to work in a network looking for solutions and creating movements for change”, says the economist and doctor in political science.

In her lecture, Ana Toni will lead event participants to reflect on better ways to contribute to the mitigation of climate change. For her, one of the paths is to have an environment in which information is centralized, facilitating decision-making.

“We could have networks where people already have work together to prevent floods, or knowing there's going to be a flood, see what can be done first. Data that show, for example, how the North of Rio de Janeiro acted or how the North of Acre acted. What are the best practices to be adopted against floods? Working in a network and with technologies that help us is fundamental”, she points out.

Exchange of ideas is essential

Throughout her career, Ana has been executive director of the Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS), chairman of the Board of GreenPeace Brasil, director of the NGO ActionAid Brasil and also of the Ford Foundation in the country. In addition to promoting a deep reflection on the environmental cause at the RNP Forum, the secretary also hopes to exchange ideas and learn more about new technologies.

“I see technological solutions helping not only in decarbonization, but much more in the management of the environmental cause. We are still far from exploring the possibilities of networks and artificial intelligence in this process, for example. I hope that in this event I can not only speak, but also learn a lot. Because we are going to need technology in this clash of climate changes”, she concludes.

Ana Toni - MMA

Foto: Fernando Donasci/MMA

Forum will be broadcast online

The RNP Forum will be held in Brasília between the 29th and 31st of August and will have a free online transmission of the program. Those interested in attending the event in person or online can register here. This year's theme is "Emerging Applications in Education, Science and Culture", technologies with great potential already used in various businesses and initiatives (such as distance learning), but which can still evolve.

The idea is to promote a debate on how these technologies can be used in innovative projects in different areas of knowledge. Some of the issues that should be addressed at the Forum are applications for the development of human and cultural capital in organizations, digitization of culture, challenges and difficulties in consuming and producing high quality data, and many others. 

12th edition of the RNP Forum
Date: from the 29th to the 31st of August.
Location: Royal Tulip Brasília - SHTN Sector - Section 01 Conj 1B. Brasilia DF.
Horário: 8 am to 6 pm.

Registration (in person and online) here.

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