Technical Committee prepares Future Vision Report with possibilities for RNP to contribute to the advancement of Digital Health in the country

- 11/04/2023

How can RNP actively contribute to the advancement of Digital Health in the country? This is the question that the Technical Committee for Technological Prospecting in Digital Health (TC-Digital Health), coordinated by RNP, with the participation of several representatives of entities and institutions of Education and Research in Health and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and members of the University Telemedicine Network – RUTE, has just responded from the publication of the “Digital Health Future Vision Report”.

Essentially propositional, the document was approved by five academic associations linked to health: the Brazilian Association of Collective Health (Abrasco), through the WG Information on Health and Population (GTISP), the Brazilian Association of Telemedicine and Telehealth (ABTms), the Brazilian Society of Computing (SBC), through the Special Commission on Computing Applied to Health (CE-CAS), the Brazilian Society of Biomedical Engineering (SBEB) and the Brazilian Society of Health Informatics (SBIS).

The content is based on the fundamentals presented in the Digital Health Strategy for Brazil 2020-2028 (ESD28) published by the Ministry of Health (MS), in addition to the set of instruments that support it, such as ordinances, principles, policies, legislation, guidelines, good practices and national and international references. In addition to presenting actionable recommendations, supported by clear justifications, the report identifies obstacles, challenges and risks, as a motivation for establishing recommendations capable of facing the risks and overcoming the challenges and obstacles identified.

“The report is a milestone for RNP. A guideline for RNP's more active participation in the digital transformation of the Unified Health System", says Paulo Lopes, specialist in RNP's Health Community Relations and technical coordinator of TC-Digital Health, Paulo Lopes.

Read the Digital Health Future Vision Report

About TC-Digital Health
The Technical Committee for Teaching and Research in Technological Prospecting in Digital Health (TC-Digital Health) has the following motivations: increasing the number of projects and collaborative networks at RNP in the area of health; the ongoing digital transformation in health, in addition to the demand for broad and complete analyzes on the technological evolution of products, applications and services in the area.

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