RNP's Professional Update Program in Digital Health has more than two thousand enrolled

- 23/11/2022

The growing demand for increasingly qualified professionals to carry out their activities in the context of a digital health practice led RNP, with its University Telemedicine Network (RUTE/RNP), in operation for 16 years in Brazil, to prepare an unprecedented training program on the subject to be made available free of charge to students and professionals in the area, through the Professional Update Program in Digital Health (PAP-SD), offered in partnership with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). The action was very well received and, one month after the start of registration, the course in Distance Learning format already has more than two thousand enrolled.

“There are many and multiple competences in the organizations of the RNP System, which allowed the collaborative conception of a new model and proposal for offering training in Distance Learning format, so that today, with the support of the MCTI, we have already reached the mark of 2 thousand students enrolled, something unheard of in Brazil. And it is also a structuring contribution from RNP to solve one of the bottlenecks of the digital transformation in health - Capacity of updated professionals for the new digital practices, as defined in priority 6 of the Digital Health Strategy in Brazil", says the Relationship specialist with RNP Health Community, Paulo Lopes.

The first stage of the “Basic Training in Digital Health” is running at full speed and the content is accessed within the platform developed by the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA). Among the topics addressed are digital transformation, practical applications in digital health, digital challenges, security concepts, digital law and bioethics and digital emotional intelligence, among others.

The 250 candidates who obtain the best grades will qualify for the second phase of the program, the “Professional Update in Digital Health”. In addition to the good score, the selected professional must already act as a preceptor, guiding students and residents in the areas of nursing, medicine, radiology and collective health, among others from institutions linked to any RUTE unit. Health administrative managers and IT professionals may also qualify.

Those approved will have the support of tutors to develop digital health activities, focused on assistance, research and teaching. The forecast is that classes in this stage will start in February 2023 and will be taught in an online environment of the Escola Superior de Redes (ESR).

Registrations remain open until December and must be made HERE!

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