RNP, Telebras and Ustore enter into a cooperation agreement

- 28/10/2015

The RNP’s Chief Executive Officer, Nelson Simões, and the chairmen of Telebras, Jorge Bittar and of Ustore, a cloud computing infrastructure company, Nelson Campelo, signed a cooperation agreement aiming to develop a solution for the distribution and storage of general-purpose content on this Wednesday (Oct. 28), at the state-owned company’s booth at Futurecom.

The project initially establishes the construction of a solution that meets the needs of the Brazilian educational system, ensuring quality in the access to educational, cultural, professionalizing and recreational contents, in addition to support the administrative management. 

The agreement is part of a larger initiative, whose goal is to build a technological infrastructure that makes the use of educational and cultural contents possible, with the participation of every segment of the society, in tune with the National Education Plan, Common National Base and the National Education System.

Bittar explained that the project searches for a data storage and digital content transportation solution for every public school in Brazil, whether they are state or municipal. “The goal is to make the contents of the collections of the Ministries of Education (MEC) and Culture (MinC) available, and promote the connectivity of the schools, bringing these contents to the students to expand knowledges and improve their relation with technology”, he stressed, adding that MEC has supported the project since its inception.

To Simões, the project is the beginning of a path to integrate networks throughout the country, in hundreds of thousands of spots, and bring quality content to the classrooms. “Our challenge is to reach the greatest number of schools in every region”, he emphasized.  

In turn, Campelo said the new technologies must be used by the public and that his company is engaged in the project with Telebras and RNP to ease the arrival of this digital content at the schools and along the students. “This synergy is important so we can win the challenge”, he assured.