RNP supports UNESCO in carrying out Criança Esperança 2023

- 16/08/2023

At the request of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), the National Education and Research Network (RNP) monitored the Criança Esperança donation link and ensured the safety of the operation during the program’s opening show that took place last Monday (08/07). 

To carry out this mission, RNP's CAIS included its Security Operations Center (SOC-RNP), in the application of traffic tests to measure the system's ability to support the flow of simultaneous accesses and, also, in effective monitoring of the donation link throughout the event using cybersecurity tools capable of intercepting denial of service attacks. 

“Our team carries out a thorough and intensive analysis of the traffic that passes through the link and introduces mitigation, if necessary. In addition, we also monitor social networks to monitor in real time how the public is interacting with the donation link”, informs the technical leader of SOC-RNP, João Guimarães. 

This year, Criança Esperança will benefit 101 social projects, distributed across all regions of the country. The program's initiative aims to transform the future of children and young people in vulnerable situations. RNP, in turn, seeks, through technological solutions, to ensure that this purpose is fulfilled, thus contributing to this sum of efforts generating significant results for the development of Brazil. 

“There is a correlation between the mission of RNP and UNESCO. One transforms through connection services and the dissemination of knowledge and the other transforms with democratization in access to resources and promotion of projects”, highlights Valter Pereira, coordinator of the RNP Point of Presence (PoP-RNP) in Brasília. 

For UNESCO, RNP has been a great partner, as, in addition to providing the Internet link, it helps with security and monitoring of access links. 

According to the deputy director of CAIS-RNP, Emilio Nakamura, it is essential to establish cybersecurity actions to protect the Criança Esperança collection system. “A cyber attack on a system that receives donations means that fewer children will be served by the program. So it’s important that availability is always active”, he says. 

This is SOC-RNP's first participation in monitoring the Unesco circuit to collect financial resources for the Criança Esperança program. Over the last few years, this work has had the support of CAIS, together with the RNP Point of Presence (PoP-RNP) and its Network Operation Center (NOC). 

In addition to donations through the site, It is possible to donate any amount, throughout the year, using the pix key: esperanca@unesco.org. All donations made through the pix key go directly to UNESCO.