RNP supports MEC in the migration of a platform aimed at training employees

- 13/04/2022

Based on a call from the Secretariat of Vocational and Technological Education (SETEC/MEC) at the end of March, RNP mobilized to support the migration of a new platform that aims to enhance the continuing education of employees of the Federal Professional, Scientific and Technological Education Network, through incentives and promotion of training actions aimed at education professionals. Yesterday afternoon, 4/13, the Ministry of Education (MEC) held the PlaforEDU launch ceremony. (Check out the recording of the event)

“Everything is going as planned, the environments were created and the application published and already approved by the MEC. This result, in such a short time, and with quality, reinforces RNP's ability to deliver results", highlights the RNP Solutions manager involved in the project, Roosevelt Oliveira, who was endorsed by the Deputy Director of Services, Luiz Coelho: " It is important that we prioritize the customer, listening to the demand even if, at first, it seems impossible, we mobilize a highly specialized team to deliver the result in ten days: a safe and low-cost production environment”.

About PlaforEDU

The virtual environment is part of the Continuing Education Plan for Employees of the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education (Plafor) and will contribute to the construction of employees' skills related to educational processes to act in planning, management and leadership roles.

“I want to record the satisfaction of participating in another moment like this, which is characterized by the delivery of another excellent tool to our institutions that make up the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education. Often, we come to management, but coming from other areas. In fact, we also need managerial training and this is one of the itineraries provided for in the tool. We need, of course, to improve on a daily basis as teachers, as administrative technicians, and this is also present. When we arrive at the public service, we often don't know how to deal with various questions that are asked and the tool foresees this in its initial itinerary for those who arrive. And finally, when we're wrapping up, we've also planned to prepare for retirement. So the team saw all these steps, these moments. It doesn't stop here and it didn't even start here. We have ongoing work and it will continue. It is important to emphasize, once again, the potential of the tool. We are talking here about the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education, made up of 41 institutions, more than 600 units and more than 80 thousand people. So, this is where the platform works today, which will undoubtedly add value and bring even greater gains to the productivity of our institutions. Not to mention the potential it has to help other networks, such as the Higher Education Network itself, in other areas of training for our employees”, declared the Secretary of Professional and Technological Education (SETEC/MEC), Tomás Dias Sant'Ana, during the launch.

PlaforEDU offers more than 280 available courses distributed in training itineraries, classified into: Introduction to public service, Technical-administrative in Education, Teaching, Management and preparation for retirement.

At first, the platform's target audience is the approximately 80,000 employees of the Federal Institutes (IFs), CEFET and Colégio Pedro II, however, as it is open, it can also be used by other federal public servants.

Also participating in the launching ceremony were the deputy secretary of the MEC, Silvia Gouveia, the president of the National Council of Institutions of the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education (CONIF), Claudio Alex José da Rocha, and the director of Development of SETEC/MEC Professional and Technological Education Network, Kedson Raul de Souza Lima.

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