RNP supports IFMA project to observe annular solar eclipse

- 25/08/2023

The Federal Institute of Maranhão (IFMA) launched the Astronomia no Sertão project, which will implement astronomical observation points in four municipalities in Maranhão (Timon, Santa Inês, Grajaú and Alcântara), in partnership with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), with the aim of expanding the dissemination of science in the state. The astronomy kits were delivered to the IFMA rectory, at an event on 8/23, with telescopes, mini planetariums and augmented reality glasses for the community to use.   

The objective is to observe an annular solar eclipse, which will occur on 10/14 and will be visible in part of the national territory. The date marks the beginning of the 20th National Science and Technology Week (SNCT), which runs until 10/20. To guarantee the transmission of images, the equipment will be connected to the IFMA campuses using the academic network operated by the National Teaching and Research Network (RNP).  

According to MCTI, 5 thousand units of glasses with special filters will be distributed. With the equipment, residents, visitors and indigenous communities, who have already confirmed their participation, will have a better quality view of the phenomenon. In addition to the four cities mentioned, eight others in the North and Northeast of Brazil, within the eclipse's shadow line, will be part of the itinerary.  

Between the 10/9 and 13, Maranhão also hosts the International Astronomy Teaching Congress, in the city of Imperatriz (MA). 

To learn more, go to: https://eclipseifma.pop-ma.rnp.br/.  

About the annular solar eclipse  

It happens after an alignment of the sun, moon and Earth and, subsequently, the moon passes between the sun and the planet, just as happens in a total solar eclipse. In Brazil, the last event of this size took place in September 2006, with viewing in areas in the extreme north of Amapá. Until the natural phenomenon occurs in October, IFMA will have a series of activities involving students, teachers and public agents.   

Source: MCTI, with information from RNP. 

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