RNP resumes international cooperation with academic network in Mozambique

- 13/09/2023

MoRENet, the Mozambican academic network, resumed its international cooperation with the RNP, which began in 2013, through a bilateral cooperation agreement between the S&T ministries of both countries. In this current phase, cooperation will have the support of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

MoRENet today belongs to the National Institute of Electronic Government (INAGE), which in turn is an institution linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Mozambique. 

The MoRENet team followed the RNP 2023 Forum, held on August 29th and 31st, 2023, and participated in several meetings at the RNP office in Brasília. The first meeting contextualized INAGE representatives on the history of cooperation between RNP and MoRENet, which began in 2013, based on three axes of action: the exchange of good practices in the management and governance of Research Networks; IT training, with the support of RNP’s Escola Superior de Redes (ESR); and the exchange of information on technical and operational management of advanced services.   

In a second meeting, the participation of MoRENet representatives in available ESR classes in 2023, both in-person and remote, was discussed. “The objective is to train MoRENet’s technical staff and reinforce the importance of this funding to move forward with the topic”, says the deputy director of ESR, Leandro Guimarães.  

The Mozambican delegation also met with the Deputy Directorate of Service Management (DAGSer) and the Integrated Service Management (GAI) of RNP.  

Understand the cooperation between RNP and MoRENet 


Bilateral agreement between the ministries of science and technology of Brazil and Mozambique, formalized in the context of the visit of the then minister of Science and Technology of Mozambique, Louis Pelembe.


Support in the preparation of the MoRENet SLA (Service-level agreement) document.


Training in distributed classes and implementation of the MoRENet Academy.


Support for the implementation of Federated Academic Community (CAFe) and Eduroam services in Mozambique. 


Training of 25 IT teachers from professional technical education institutions in Brazil in three months, in partnership with the National Authority for Professional Technical Education (ANEP) of Mozambique, from September to December 2017. 


Network security training in basic and advanced courses, totaling more than 120 places, with financial support from the Italian Cooperation Agency in Mozambique (AICS). Implementation, in Mozambique, of two Security Incident Response Centers (CSIRTs), one governmental and the other academic. 


Financial support from the Brazilian Cooperation Agency ABC/MRE, for training actions in health, culture and ICT, including the areas of telemedicine and telehealth, storage and distribution of audiovisual collections, cybersecurity and cloud services for the academic community. The work plan was interrupted due to the pandemic.