RNP releases call for papers on use of testbeds for workshop at CSBC 2021

The National Education and Research Network (RNP) released a call for papers which report experience in the use of experimentation platforms (testbeds) or platforms to support Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I).

The selected works will be presented during the Fibre Workshop (WFIBRE), held for the sixth consecutive year at the Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society (CSBC 2021), in the period from July 18 to 23.

The articles shall indicate which platform has been used and report how the work or use case involving experimental research in teaching and education reached success, highlighting strong points, points for improvement and suggestions for the evolution of the platform.

The following are examples of platforms coordinated by RNP which enable experimental research:: FibreIDSLOFTCloudNEXTGidLabScience DMZ; and Fiware-Lab@RNP; - for experimentation and support for Research, Development and Innovation in networks defined by software, Internet of Things, identity management, new network architectures, among other areas of knowledge.

The accepted papers will be published in the event annals, which will be made available on-line on SBC OpenLib, the content portal of SBC. All works will be indexed as DOI. For this purpose, it is mandatory at least one of the authors of the article to be registered in CSBC 2021 (in any category).

Questions can be submitted directly to the coordination of WFIBRE 2021 at: wfibre@rnp.br.

The papers shall be submitted on the  JEMS system by 3/12.

To learn more, go to the site of CSBC 2021.