IP Addressing

Request the allocation of IP blocks according to the need of your institution of origin.



RNP registers IP blocks of the Ipê network for the user institutions qualified by the Managing Committee of the Inter-Ministry Program (PI-RNP). The IP block allocation request is done in the last stage of the user institutions qualification process.

The requests for IPv6 blocks and new IPv4 blocks shall be sent by the technical contacts of the user institutions to e-mail [email protected], including the detailed description of the needs and justifications for the requests, and they will be fulfilled according to the IP block allocation policy in force.


IP Block Allocation Policy

In the context of IPv4 block shortage and with the restriction of additional IPv4 block allocations by LACNIC and, announced in February 2017, RNP has decided that blocks of not more than /25 (128 addressable hosts) will be allocated at every six months upon justification of imminent need. The measure remains in compliance with the policies published by, which now uses the reserve of IPv4 addresses only for new entrants, restricting the additional allocations.

For the whole allocation of IPv4 blocks, IPv6 blocks will be allocated, one / 48 per campus. New IPv6 blocks may be requested at any time by the user organizations as they deem necessary.

Policies for transition to the IPv6 protocol are encouraged by RNP. For this purpose, access our guide to instruct the institutions on this transition context.

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