RNP publishes selected by the grant notice for the Advanced Internet and Internet of the Future programs

This Thursday (7/21), RNP disclosed who are the researchers selected by the public notice for Research, Development and Innovation Incentive Grants in the Advanced Internet and Internet of the Future programs. 

The purpose of the call was to select researchers, specialists and students who would contribute to the execution of research projects for the Advanced Internet, a program aimed at technological development for the advancement of communication in computer networks and support for distributed applications, and the Internet of the Future, whose main objective is to allow RNP's backbone to be used as a laboratory for experimental research on the Internet of the Future. 

Access the notice 

Check out who are the selected grant holders:

Blockchain Pilot Project:
Renan Dutra Mendonça (UFV)
Vinícius Henrique Rodrigues Chagas da Silva (FIAP)

Data X Project:
João Vicente Silva Goes (UTFPR)

GidLab Evolution Project (Eduroam sub-theme)
Edelberto Franco Silva (UFJF)

GidLab Evolution Project (Virtual Organizations sub-theme)
Felipe dos Passos Cardoso (IFSC)

GidLab Evolution Project (Decentralized Digital Identity sub-theme)
Elder Bruno Evaristo Correa

There were no successful candidates for the MonIPE, KNetLab and AutoGOLE projects.

The implementation of the scholarship is subject to the presentation, by the approved candidates, of the supporting documents listed in section 6.1 of the RNP's RD&I incentive grant program regulation.

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