RNP publishes its Organizational Management Model

- 11/05/2023

Every organization is inserted in a context and has a regulatory and legal framework to comply with. With that in mind, the National Education and Research Network (RNP) launches its Management Model for the community, a diagram that maps organizational management.

The model shows RNP's strategic components and other elements and how their proper functioning contributes to the organization's value deliveries, as well as the fulfillment of its mission and purpose. See the diagram below:

Modelo de Gestão

In the document, it is still possible to find processes and practices, institutional programs, systems and tools, results and reports, among many other information about RNP's Governance.

For the responsible Process analyst, Lucas Gomes, RNP's Management Model can be a reference for other organizations that make up the Third Sector. “By defining its performance model, it is possible to quickly identify the governance that will guide all actions that will be carried out in a systemic way, without losing its strategic positioning and essence. In this way, we believe we are contributing with more initiatives and improvements in management for the Third Sector”, he says. 

To learn more, access RNP's Management Model and download it for consultation!


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