RNP promotes fifth workshop on videoconferencing at Webmedia 2018

- 17/10/2018

On October 18th, RNP will hold the fifth edition of the workshop "The Future of Videocolaboration" (WCT-Vídeo), which is part of the Webmedia 2018. Promoted annually by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), the event will take place this year at the rectory of the Federal Institute of Bahia (IFBA), in Salvador, from October 16th to 19th, and is aimed at students, researchers and professionals from the areas of multimedia, hypermedia and web.

On August 20th, a collaboration program was launched, selecting seven articles approved by the program committee of the event. The focus was the submission of articles that reinforce collaboration and integration among research groups and laboratories, government agencies and companies involved. The works will be published in the annals of Webmedia 2018.

Organized by RNP in partnership with the academic community, the workshop is part of the activities of the Videocolaboration Technical Committee (CT-Video), which seeks to be an open forum to study the future of video applications and remote collaboration in its most varied areas of research, development and innovation. "The committee is open to all concerned. To be a part of it, you just have to join the group's discussion list and participate in the meetings", says RNP's Advanced Internet assistant director, Leandro Ciuffo.

According to him, two new activities this year are the Encontro Remoto (Remote Meeting) platform, for the realization of remote juries, webinars and meetings, and the video product developed by Kasco P&D within the scope of the RNP's Networked Cinemas. The company is responsible for marketing the STB-Scan tool, which helps with controlling the access quality to cinema and the Digital TV.

The WCT-Video will happen as an integrated session to WebMedia 2018. Access the programming.

It will be also possible to participate remotely. Connect through the link https://conferenciaweb.rnp.br/webconf/ct-video.