RNP promotes 10th Meeting with Suppliers and Partners in Campinas

- 27/03/2023

With the aim of stimulating business opportunities and presenting its strategies, RNP promotes next Wednesday, the 29th, the 10th edition of the Meeting with Suppliers and Partners. The event will be held at the Hotel Premium Campinas, in Campinas (SP), from 9 am to 5 pm, with live stream upon registration.

The theme of this 10th meeting will be: Partnerships creating connections, transforming and promoting the creation of value.

At the event, the institution's short, medium and long-term strategies will be discussed with RNP's partners. Suppliers will also have the opportunity to interact with each other, which can open up new business opportunities.

Right at the opening, at 9 am, some of RNP's most strategic programs will be presented, such as Escolas Conectadas, Internet Brasil, Norte Conectado, Nordeste Conectado and Call for Startups. Institution managers will provide an overview of the current stage of each of the projects. 

The presentation will be followed by a lecture by the general director, Nelson Simões, at 11:20 am. Afterwards, there will be a chat with the entire board of RNP. The Director of Research and Development, Iara Machado; the Director of Services and Solutions, Antônio Carlos Fernandes Nunes; the Director of People, Administration and Finance, José Luiz Ribeiro Filho; and the Director of Engineering and Operations, Eduardo Grizendi.

Check out here the full schedule of the Meeting with Suppliers.

During the meeting, RNP will also present one of its newest solutions, the modular curb, currently installed in a section of the main campus of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp). It is a block with a space for the passage of cables, which can be installed in urban spaces, as a solution for organizing underground networks. The rector of Unicamp, Antônio José de Almeida Meirelles, will be present at the event.


Event: 10th edition of the Meeting with Suppliers and Partners
Date: 3/29/2023
Hours: 9am to 5pm
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