RNP is presented as organization model

- 07/06/2018

Today, June 7th, RNP’s general director, Nelson Simões, gave a speech at the CFA Forum of Public Management (Fogesp) on "Management that works". At the time, he presented RNP and explained how the organization managed to create a network capable of connecting over 1,500 campuses, stimulating researchers and professionals from different areas to exchange knowledge.

To him, there are four factors that have made RNP able to achieve its goals: community, innovation, change and mission model. "The first one, community, is what guides us and enables us to be in 27 Points of the Country with our PoPs, with metropolitan networks and collaborative networks, that conform the RNP’s System and generate this social capital called trust", he said.

"The second factor is innovation, with services of interest to this community. It is based on this guideline that we reduce our costs and gain power of scale, which enables us to facilitate national and international collaboration in education and research", added Simões.

The director-general also explained how the change factor is important for "achieving models that can change the reality in which we live", citing the CTI Legal Framework as a legal and normative example. He also explained how collaborative networks and continuing education are necessary. "Therefore, we created the Networks School (ESR), to ensure the training of technicians throughout the country", he revealed.

And, lastly, he confirmed the need for the organization to have a strong mission, with a well-structured model. In the case of RNP, this is based on an Interministerial Program which includes the Ministries of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC), Education (MEC), Healthcare (MS), Culture (MinC) and Defence (MD). The organization has a Board of Directors (CADM), which ensures that RNP's mission is fulfilled, and evaluated every six months by a technical group, which compose its Evaluation Committee (CA-RNP). It is also important to have a supervisory agency capable of providing technical support, as it is the case with MCTIC for us. And we have what we call the RNP System, which we consider to be a public asset: federated, representative and distributed", concluded Simões.

The CFA Forum for Public Management is organized by the Federal Council of Administration, a federal agency that has a normative, advisory, guiding and disciplining function in the exercise of Administration professionals. Its mission is to "Promote the Science of Administration by valuing professional skills, organizations sustainability and the country’s development”.

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