The Research and Education Community Networks (Redecomep) are high-speed networks implemented by RNP at the metropolitan regions of the country, served by Points of Presence (PoPs) of the organization in countryside towns with two or more federal teaching and research institutions.

The adopted model sets forth the formation of consortiums among the participant organizations, so as to ensure their self-reliance, developing their own optical fiber infrastructure for the research and higher education.


In the picture above, it is possible to see the metropolitan networks implemented by December 2015, which currently connect approximately 320 institutions. For them, being connected to the local Redecomep means having a high-capacity network infrastructure with scope within the country and abroad. The possibilities include the development of collaborative scientific research, at both national and international levels, the use of advanced communication services and collaboration with cost decreases, distance learning, telemedicine, virtual laboratories, distributed computing, among others.

At the first stage of the Redecomep initiative, 26 metropolitan networks were built in the state capitals, one in the Federal District and another in the city of Campina Grande (State of Paraíba). At the second stage, countryside towns are being contemplated. The Redecomeps implemented in the capital cities are directly connected to the state’s PoP. The ones outside the capitals, for their turn, need to be connected to the PoP by transportation circuits, usually at 1 Gbps. In order to assist with the operation of the PoP in the entire state, RNP is implementing Points of Aggregation (PoAs) in such networks, in one of the participant institutions, preferably at the headquarters or campuses of a public federal university.

The strategy of implementing PoAs at a certain place does not necessarily depends on the development of a metropolitan network in the site. For instance, a PoA shall be installed at the National Institute of Space Research (Inpe), in the city of São José dos Campos, even though Redecomep has not yet been implemented there, to support the operation of a circuit that serves the National Center of Monitoring and Warnings of Natural Disasters (Cemaden), connected to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.