RNP participates in the First Forum of ICT Governance of the Federal Institutes

- 11/04/2016

Improvements in information technology management permeated the debates and presentations of the 1st Forum of ICT Governance of the Federal Institutes, held on April 6 and 7 in Brasilia. The event was organized by the Information Technology Managers Forum (Forti, in portuguese) and the Brazilian Institute of Public Governance (IBGP), which sought to train managers and teachers of Brazilian educational institutions, as well as leaders and experts from other invited public organizations.

RNP was represented by Services and Solutions director, José Luiz Ribeiro Filho, who participated in the panel on ‘Good Service hiring practices in the cloud’, which took place on the second day of the forum. "The invitation to participate in the event represents the Forum's recognition on the importance of the partnership between RNP and the institutes", said the director.

The RNP's associate directors of Solutions Management, Antônio Carlos F. Nunes, of Institution Relations, Gorgonio Araújo, and of Service Management, Luiz Coelho; the executive coordinator of the Network School, Leandro Guimarães; and the Relations manager, Beatriz Zoss, also attended the event, as well other project managers and RNP specialists.

At the opening of the Forum, the Information Technology secretary of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MP), Cristiano Heckert, presented the Digital Governance Strategy (EGD), recently launched by the Federal Government. “The challenge is to change the state of the paradigm of a stripe set for a platform. People should have access to public services through mobile devices”, he said. In addition to the provision of services in digital form, they are pillars of the strategy to stimulate the participation of society in public policies and increased access to information. Among the 51 initiatives of EGD, the secretary highlighted the Service Portal, the Open Data Portal, cloud computing, Internet Protocol version six (IPv6) and information security.

Other topics discussed at the forum were the computing and cloud storage services and Decree No. 8.539, which deals with the use of digital media in the processing of documents in the direct public administration, independent and foundation. There were also demonstrations of cloud services solutions for major companies representatives of this market.

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