RNP launches Community Collaborative Network Management System on 12/8 and RUTE gets new portal

- 02/12/2022

RNP will hold a webinar to launch the Community Collaborative Network Management System (SG-RCC) on Thursday, 12/8, from 3 pm. The development of the new platform was financed with support from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and it will replace the current website of the University Telemedicine Network (RUTE). In addition, it will enable improvements in national and international collaboration both for the network, its units and its Special Interest Groups (SIG), and for new collaboration networks that may arise in the most varied areas of teaching, education and research in Brazil and abroad.

RUTE is formed by the community of health professionals, professors, students, residents, researchers, managers generally linked to University Hospitals, Clinical Hospitals, Teaching Hospitals, public and private, and Health Colleges.

“Currently, it is an approximate network of 50 SIGs active in the health area and 250 hospitals or institutions that require a management system and a portal to organize and facilitate scientific sessions of a community that has generated, since 2015, more than 100 thousand registered attendances in the group sessions, originating from more than 27,000 different participants (who have attended a RUTE session at least once). That's why there was a need to structure this portal with new technologies and new functionalities that can be used by RUTE members, and also instantiating other networks of professionals in a collaboration model", says RNP analyst Thiago Lima Verde, responsible for leading the project that had a multidisciplinary team encompassing several areas of the organization. In all, a team of more than 27 direct collaborators and more than 23 indirect collaborators worked in the entire planning and development process of the portal.

Collaborative Network Management System Launch Webinar: 

  • Date: Thursday, 12/8
  • Time: from 3pm to 5pm Brasilia time

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