Rio Grande do Norte will once again hold the Network Technologies Workshop in person between the August 7th and 10th

- 02/08/2023

After four years, the RNP Point of Presence in Rio Grande do Norte (PoP-RN) will once again hold the state's Technology Workshop (WTR-RN) in person, between 8/7 and 10, at Instituto Metrópole Digital, at the UFRN Central Campus, in Natal. The event, which reaches its sixth edition in 2023, is aimed at managers and technical teams in the ICT area of the main public and private teaching and research institutions in Rio Grande do Norte. 

In the first three days, high-quality training courses will be given: a mini-course on Advanced OSPF, from the Escola Superior de Redes (ESR), a comprehensive course on Network Infrastructure, from and a Security Workshop, from the RNP Security Incident Response Center (CAIS).

On the fourth and final day, the workshop will feature a series of lectures presented by renowned professionals in the field of network technologies, including a presentation of a prototype developed at PoP-RN, which is already a product in use by some of the GigaPoPs from Rede GigaNatal, by Cleyton da Silva.

“Expectations are very good, as all vacancies were quickly filled as soon as registrations were opened. All three short courses and the main event are fully booked. There are 180 participants registered for the main event and 104 registered for the mini-courses. Likewise, on the event organization side, we have everything ready to start the activities”, highlights the general coordinator of PoP-RN, Sergio Fialho.

To find out more, visit the event website. To follow the online broadcast click HERE!