Registration for LACNIC 40 LACNOG 2023 is now open

- 14/09/2023

The largest meeting of the Internet community - LACNIC 40 LACNOG 2023 - will bring together more than 500 experts in the field, both in person and remotely, to discuss the impact of submarine cables on regional Internet infrastructure, the leasing of IP addresses, the new studies on traffic measurements in Latin America and the Caribbean, the main cybersecurity issues and incidents and the Public Policy Forum. 

The event will feature simultaneous transmission in English, Spanish and Portuguese and will take place in parallel with the annual meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum (LACNOG), from the 2nd to the 6th of October, at the Fábrica de Negócios center, in Fortaleza. 

To participate in person or remotely, simply register here

RNP, in turn, has developed joint work with LACNIC and FIRST over the last few years. In this edition, for example, CAIS-RNP was invited to help moderate discussions in the context of LAC-CSIRTs and join the program committee of the FIRST Regional Symposium for Latin America & the Caribbean, to help define topics of interest and assess submissions for the event. There were dozens of submissions and around 10 were included in the program's main agenda, two from CAIS and one from USDE as a backup. 

“During the event, meetings of the so-called LAC-CSIRTs always take place, which is a meeting of several CSIRTs from Latin America, from the most different areas, not only from the academic community, but also from Internet providers, to exchange information and project updates related to security incident management in the region. Furthermore, we also participated in the FIRST Regional Symposium for Latin America & the Caribbean”, highlights André Landim, Information Security specialist at RNP.  

According to Rodrigo Facio, Information Security and Privacy Coordinator at RNP, participating in the event is a chance to understand how work in other countries is being carried out and to learn from the community. “Participation in the event should yield a great exchange of knowledge, as we will have the participation of several security groups from countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, thus being able to contribute to the evolution of our consultative services offered to client institutions of the RNP System”, he states. 

Several RNP employees have already participated and spoken at the meeting. This year, João Guimarães and André Landim from CAIS-RNP will participate in the main LACNOG track with the presentation of a talk about SOC-RNP. 

LACNOG's main panel will address the current situation of cables and how they impact regional Internet infrastructure, as well as the technical-commercial relationships of different service providers. Today there are 550 submarine Internet cables in the world that connect continents and their countries, continents with islands, islands with each other or various points along a coast. 

LACNIC 40 will address another current topic: the emerging IP address leasing market. The idea is to discuss how renting addresses works in different regions, its benefits and risks and viable alternatives. 

In addition, LACNIC 40 will feature a Capture the Flag (CTF) of security incidents in networks and system configuration. These are exercises in which systems with real-world vulnerabilities are simulated and participants must capture “virtual flags” to solve the challenge. At the same time, on Wednesday and Thursday (5), the FIRST Symposium will take place. 

With the presentation of technical works, experiences in network operation and infrastructure development, LACNOG will highlight presentations on the role of Latin America in the international connectivity market and will also promote a session on technical implications of court orders blocking websites and services, a brief history of the most important incidents in BGP on the Internet, the path to only IPv6 in the datacenter, among other works. 


About LACNIC  

LACNIC's annual meetings are an invitation to network among the hundreds of participants and an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest technical developments. In the case of Brazil, there will be tutorials on the use of RPKI and IRR for network operation, how to do good traffic engineering on an IXP, BGP routing security - RPKI delegated mode / Krill and IPv6-only networks.  

Finally, LACNIC's Internet measurement working group will present a new measurement of connectivity in Latin America based on traffic behavior using traceroutes.

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