Proposals chosen for the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Technical Committee are released

RNP released the proposals selected by Invitation Letter 03/2023 for the Technical Committee on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (CT-CDIA). 5 proposals were selected: 

Prediction of network traffic failures with weightless neural models (Advisor: Leopoldo André Dutra)

User segmentation and prediction of the experience of using RNP's Web Conference service (Advisor: Marcelo de Souza)

Quick review of the literature on Open Science at the national level from health research data repositories leveraged by artificial intelligence applications (Advisor: Sílvio César Cazella)

 - Identification of performance problems from the correlation of MonIpê monitoring data (Advisor: Rafael L. Gomes) 

Use of pattern recognition in SGIS data to prevent security incidents (Advisor: Danilo C. A. Silva) 

For more details on the proposals, visit the Evaluation Committee deliberation file. 

The Technical Committee on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (CT-CDIA) aims to be an open discussion forum to study the future of data science and AI applications, in the most varied areas of research, but with an emphasis on applications of interest to the RNP system, such as education, culture, telemedicine, cybersecurity, computer networks and organizational process improvements. 

The final objective of the CT is to carry out, in annual cycles, technological prospecting in AI and propose a vision of the future on the subject to RNP, contributing to the identification of new technologies and applications that guide new investments in R&D. 

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