PNLD Portal is expected to launch in June

- 05/05/2023

The National Textbook and Teaching Material Program (PNLD), a public policy of the National Education Development Fund (FNDE) implemented by RNP, advances in the development of a digital library that will be accessed by millions of primary school students across the country.

The status of the project was presented at the III PNLD Workshop, held in Brasília on the 3rd of May, at the FNDE headquarters. According to RNP, the PNLD portal is currently undergoing approval and is expected to go into production in June this year. 

The technological solution process was completely redesigned by RNP and six major modules are active and four modules are being finalized. According to the manager of Digital Projects at RNP, Alberto Yasuda, a solution is currently being developed to guarantee the copyright of the works that will be distributed through the PNLD Portal.

“Currently, RNP is developing its own technology to guarantee the copyright of the works, since there is no solution that meets the digital book distribution requirements of multiple publishers and authors, as is the case with the PNLD”, explains Alberto Yasuda.

To get an idea of the magnitude of the reach of PNLD Digital, the portal will distribute 130 million books to 30 million students distributed in 147,000 public schools across the country.

The III PNLD Workshop brought together representatives from RNP, FNDE, the Basic Education Secretariat of the Ministry of Education (SEB/MEC) and the Federal University of Alagoas (Ufal). The meeting provided a space for the evolution of the discussions held at the II PNLD Workshop held in Maceió in April.

The opening table of the event had the participation of the manager of Solutions at RNP Roosevelt Benvindo, the general coordinator of Book Programs at FNDE, Nadja Cezar, and the general director of NESS (UFAL), Alan Pedro.

About PNLD

The PNLD is a Federal Government program that aims to make didactic, literary and pedagogical works available to students and teachers in the public education network. The main objective of the program is to promote the democratization of access to books and encourage the habit of reading.

RNP operates in the modernization of the PNLD to comply with digital formats with the redesign of the processes of the PNLD value chain, in addition to modeling a proposed operational and technological solution for the entire process of acquisition and availability of works, through an interface made available in a cloud environment (Portal do Livro, Book Portal, in free English translation).

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