Partnership between ESR and Eu Capacito offers 30 scholarships for unemployed people

- 12/04/2023

Data from the last Continuous PNAD, from IBGE, register more than 8.7 million unemployed people in Brazil. Giving opportunity and training these workers is essential to activate the job market and the economy. For this reason, Eu Capacito will offer, in partnership with Escola Superior de Redes, 30 scholarships for the Agile Project Management course. The initiative is exclusive to people who are unemployed.

Candidates from all over Brazil can apply until April 15 in this link. To apply for the vacancy, you must meet the following requirements: being over 18 years old; being unemployed; having attended all of high school in a public school; family monthly income of up to 6 minimum wages; have access to the internet and a computer, as well as interest and availability to take the course.

Taught by ESR, the 'Agile Project Management' remote course will introduce students to new technologies and tools in project and business management. Classes will run from May 15th to June 25th, lasting 40 hours. In all, there will be 10 live meetings, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 9 am to 11 am.

The objective of the course is to educate the student about the Scrum management methodology, one of the most used in organizations and companies. In classes, the main concepts of project management, differences between types of management approaches and other topics will be explained. With many practical activities, the course will give the student the opportunity to develop the concept of agility in business, understand the relationship between projects and organizational strategy and also get to know the Scrum method in depth – essential lessons for anyone looking to reenter the current job market, which is increasingly technological.

The Scrum methodology presents a different way of managing products or projects, giving more agility to organizational processes. The method consists of a set of good practices that allow the team to better organize tasks and identify errors, increasing productivity.

Agile Project Management Course (Remote)

  • Format: 100% online, with live meetings
  • Audience: over 18 years old, unemployed, having attended all of high school in a public school, monthly family income of up to 6 minimum wages, having access to the internet and a computer, in addition to interest and availability of time to take the course and follow the live classes.
  • Deadline: until April 15th.
  • Registrations:

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