Partnership between Ebserh and the RNP allows for safe connection between university hospitals

- 16/03/2016

Through a partnership between the Brazilian Hospital Services Company (Ebserh) and the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP), a project was created for structuring a fiber optics network connecting federal university hospitals managed by the state company is now closer.

According to the RNP Project Manager, Patrícia Machado, from 2014 to 2015 18 points were connected. The goal is that all the 37 hospital units be connected between 2016 and 2017, forming the University Hospitals Management Network (RGHU).

RGHU shall be monitored, with full-time emergency service by RNP. Due to being a hospital network, with non-stop health support to the population, starting in March four RNP teams of different fields shall be involved in the service and support to Ebserh, in an unprecedented 24-hour working scheme, every day of the week.

In addition to the interconnection of hospitals through RGHU, Ebserh requested RNP to provide a redundant link to the units, through a telephone service company. This link will ensure that the hospitals are connected to the internet at all times, even if there are any issues with the RNP fiber optics network, ensuring the connectivity in the hospitals until the issue is resolved.


Another action by Ebserh in the are in the field of Information Technology is the implementation of University Hospitals Management Application (AGHU). Differently from other applications, which generally deal with administrative and financial works, the AGHU has the assistance process as priority.

The implementation of the system results in changes in the institutions' routines. This is because before accepting the application, the hospital needs to be prepared in accordance with the internal organization. The amount of university hospitals using AGHU has reached 29.

Source: Brazilian Hospital Services Company -  Ebserh

Photo: Public Relations Department/Ebserh