OpenRAN@Brasil opens call for startups focusing on 5G and open networks

OpenRAN@Brasil is calling on startups that develop 5G applications to collaborate with the program, which aims to accelerate the production of telecommunications technologies in the country on open networks. Those selected will receive up to R$100,000 and will have access to the testing platform based on Open RAN (Open Radio Access Network) to validate solutions. This is the first time that the institutions implementing phase 1 of the program, RNP and CPQD, have held a public call for startups. The notice will be made available on 12/15. Access the notice

“The objective of this call is to provide a research infrastructure in 5G and Open RAN so that startups that are developing their products on this topic can validate and test all their hypotheses. And even be able to demonstrate their products to customers. What we are offering is a large laboratory in a real environment and with appropriate infrastructure to test startups' ideas on how to create new businesses. As for the program, the benefit is being able to bring applications that will make use of Open RAN 5G infrastructure”, says the director of Research, Development and Innovation at RNP, Iara Machado.  

In practice, the program, created by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, involves research and development of an Open RAN 5G network, including intelligent control of access networks and their applications.  

Registration is free and runs from December 15, 2023 to February 15, 2024. Startups interested in participating in the selection process must apply to the JEMS System through this link

The selected startups will be hired for five months. During this period, they will be able to conduct tests linked to proposals for the use of 5G technology within the program environment, in addition to having access to training courses, experimentation tools – such as 5G cell phones and augmented reality glasses, among others – and team monitoring from RNP and CPQD. In return, they must provide feedback to improve and evolve the platform – which also ends up benefiting the evolution of the OpenRAN@Brasil project. 

Initially, two experimentation spaces will be made available: one located at RNP, in Rio de Janeiro, and another at CPQD, in Campinas. 

Companies interested in participating must indicate their area of activity using 5G, which can be in education, telecommunications, health, entertainment, agriculture, among other areas. The selection process will take place in two stages. Firstly, it will be assessed whether the participant meets the requirements listed in the notice – such as being based in Brazil, having a regular tax status, among other points – and the proposal submitted. The second stage involves interviews with those responsible for the proposal and the startup. 

A live webinar to answer questions about the selection process and the initiative is scheduled for January 22nd and can be accessed here.  

Access documents related to this call:

Proposal Reference Model for startups

List of Experimentation Terminals


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