The news in the service fone@RNP

- 09/01/2015

Now the fone@RNP has a new customized appliance. That represents a reduction of approximately 40% in assignments cost for user institutions. Besides, it is another step to change the fone@RNP in a product that can be sold competitively in the market.

The current device reduces the work for installing the service because the same hardware gathers the server, the E1 cards, the komuter and network cards. "Before this appliance, you had to buy each part and prepare the equipment to receive the fone@RNP software. There wasn't a device ready with all the specifications that we needed", explained the Project manager, Helder Vitorino.

Another advantage is that the device is 100% made in Brazil. "The operation is simple. We install the equipment called Transparent Gateway in the digital link E1, between the PBX institution and the telephone of the company. When is possible to forward a call over the IP network and save money on the long distance call, the system do the operation automatically and transparently to the person that does the call", said the specialist in TIC, Alex Galhano.

In November, the service fone@RNP received six new clients: the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (Ibict, in Portuguese); the Renato Archer Center for Information Technology (CTI, in Portuguese); the Strategic Technologies Center of Northeast (Cetene, in Portuguese); the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul - Campus Canoas (IFRS, in Portuguese); the Federal University of Cariri - Rectory (UFCA, in Portuguese); and the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina - Campus São José (IFSC, in Portuguese). Users of these institutions can continue making calls as usual but taking advantage of the savings generated by fone@RNP, which corresponds to about 30% of the total phone bill.

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