Hackers do Bem Program will hold a new event with a cybersecurity challenge

The Hackers do Bem program will hold its first Capture the Flag (CTF) event on March 16th (Saturday), in a hybrid format (in person at SENAI São Caetano (SP), online and live), so that competitors from all over the country can participate. CTF is a competition (cyber game), in the area of cybersecurity, made up of challenges where participants test their knowledge and skills.

The target audience is high school, undergraduate and postgraduate students with knowledge in computing and cybersecurity. The competition will be individual and will feature challenges at different levels (basic, intermediate and advanced), each with its respective score. Spaces are limited and pre-registration can be done in this link

The challenges will be related to Offensive Security, Cyber Protection, Computer Forensics, among others. In the competition, participants must help Fictitious Bank's cybersecurity team solve a problem with the autonomous AI known as "FinanceGuard", which was developed by the bank as part of an innovative product that uses artificial intelligence to monitor and prevent suspicious activity in customers' financial transactions. However, this AI managed to gain autonomy and take full control of the bank's financial operations systems. Participants must resolve and reverse the damage caused by this AI. 

The event will begin with a talk to familiarize the competitors. This talk will cover the main topics covered in the challenge. The idea is that it is useful for participants with no experience in this type of event. In addition, the competition platform will offer tips and guidance for resolution, facilitating the participation of players of different levels.

In September 2023, the program launched the first event (this one in the Hackathon format) focused on solving cybersecurity challenges. Remember here

Learn more on the event's official website

Capture The Flag - Hackers do Bem 

Date: March 16 (Saturday)

Modality: Hybrid (online and in-person at SENAI Paulo Antônio Skaf, Rua Niterói, 180 - Centro, São Caetano do Sul - SP)

Time: 9am to 6pm


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