Hackers do Bem opens selection process for teachers

- 24/08/2023

Open opportunity for those who want to pursue a career in teaching in the field of Information Security: Hackers do Bem, an MCTI program, coordinated by Softex and executed by RNP, Escola Superior de Redes and Senai-SP, has opened registrations for those interested in becoming trainers for the initiative. The selection process has three stages: curriculum analysis, interview and test class presentation.  

The professionals will act as teachers in synchronous and asynchronous Cybersecurity training classes, and will work during the project period, without employment or exclusive dedication. Instructors will be paid per hour/class and can choose to be paid as an individual or legal entity. 

There are approximately 50 immediate vacancies available, with the possibility of returning in the future. Approved instructors will teach classes for the second and third tracks of Hackers do Bem training, fundamental and specialization, respectively. Subjects such as Computer Forensics, Red Team, Blue Team, Safe Development, will be covered by teachers in the Hackers do Bem training.  

Remuneration ranges from R$100 to R$160 per hour/class. Those selected will also receive pedagogical training offered by RNP's Escola Superior de Redes.  

The first classes of the Hackers do Bem program will run in January 2024.  

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About Hackers do Bem: 

Launched in May, the Hackers do Bem program aims, among other initiatives, to qualify more than 30 thousand professionals in information security and privacy, areas that have a problem of shortage of qualified personnel in Brazil. The initiative is coordinated by Softex and will be carried out by RNP in partnership with SENAI-SP.    

Completely free of charge, the program will initially offer five courses at leveling, basic, fundamental, specialized and technological residency levels. The program's target audience is technical, secondary and higher education students. In addition to them, technology professionals seeking specialization and those who want to migrate areas may also participate.  

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