Hackers do Bem is featured at the opening of the 13th Internet Forum in Brazil (FIB13)

- 02/06/2023

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Luciana Santos spoke about the Hackers do Bem program during the opening of the 13th Internet Forum in Brazil (FIB), in Uberlândia (MG). The event, promoted annually by the Internet Management Committee in Brazil (CGI.br), seeks to discuss relevant issues for the consolidation and expansion of the Internet.  

“The Hackers do Bem program will meet the demand for professionals in the areas of cybersecurity and privacy, with the training of 30,000 professionals, and the expansion of the Residency in ICT program, which trains human resources in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies”, he explained. “32 million reais were made available for this initiative thanks to the ICT Law, which is a good example of a tax exemption law in this area with a very large return on investment and which involves, in addition to MCTI, Senai and RNP”.  

The minister considers cybersecurity training as “one of the great challenges of our time that are at the center of attention of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation”.  

Digital transformation on the agenda 

During the speech, Santos also mentioned digital transformation as one of the tools to help reduce social inequality in the country. Also present at the event, the Minister of Communications, Juscelino Filho, highlighted the effort to bring quality internet to all public schools and health units in Brazil. "We want to see telemedicine arrive in these regions, because we know how difficult it is for doctors to go to work in these regions", he said.  

Presentation on the evolution of RNP

In the late afternoon of 5/29, RNP participated in the FIB13 Day Zero program with the session entitled "RNP - Past, present and future, connecting teaching, research and innovation in Brazil", presented by Institutional Relationship analyst Regina Piellusch and by the Privacy and Data Security coordinator, Yuri Alexandro.

On that occasion, the organization was able to disclose its evolution from its origins, in 1989, to the present day, with services and solutions aimed at the development of science, technology and innovation in Brazil. The changes in paradigms were highlighted in the performance with the transformation into a Social Organization, in 2002, as well as the creation of the RNP System in 2018, resulting in the current moment, with the resignification of the brand and its purpose of connecting people (in the presentation, the RNP's Manifesto video was shown).

Internet forum in Brazil 

The Forum is promoted every year on an itinerant basis by the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (CGI.br) and is a preparatory activity for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), an international event organized by the United Nations (UN). The event continues until this Friday (6/2), with online transmission, and will discuss topics such as artificial intelligence, platform regulation and internet governance, among others. 

Image: Luara Baggi

* With information from the website of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation  

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