Ethical limits in the development of AI tools will be the topic of the RNP Forum

- 10/08/2023

How can we ensure that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developed and used ethically? The dilemma that has been mobilizing not only the academic community and big techs but also a large part of society will be addressed in the 12th edition of the RNP Forum, which begins on August 29th, in Brasília.

On the last day of the event, August 31st, the panel "The Importance of developing and using Artificial Intelligence in an ethical manner" will bring together Mariza Ferro, professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Computing Institute of the Fluminense Federal University (UFF); Tatiana Pontes, pedagogue specialized in innovative technologies and methodologies applied to education, and Bianca Kremer, professor of Digital Law at IDP Brasília. 

An expert in AI applications for sustainability and social well-being, Mariza raises several complex questions about the use of this technology. She points out, for example, that the various tools can become biased and end up promoting prejudices, since the training is carried out by people, with particular values and ideas.

“What do we use to train these algorithms? Data that reflects the behavior of society. If we do not take special care when curating this data, it can propagate or perpetuate biases such as stereotypes of race, gender, religion, political position. Therefore, we can increase inequalities if ethical principles of justice and equity are not observed in the curation of data sets and the construction of algorithms”, explains Mariza.

Mariza Ferro, palestrante do Fórum RNP

For her, it is also necessary to clarify to the public what AIs can or cannot do and take the debate about this technology beyond the technical environment, so that it reaches all spheres of society, so that the use of these AIs is carried out critically.

“A very common mistake is to imagine that an AI has some type of intelligence. It doesn't. The term itself is what creates this false conception. What exists are large mathematical models that do not have the ability to understand contexts or have any type of emotion. Another issue is thinking that artificial intelligence will be able to dominate humanity in a short time. It can imitate some intelligent behaviors, but we don't have an AI that has all human capabilities, such as communicating by voice, text and moving around an environment, for example”, she highlights.

Impact of AIs on ICT

Artificial Intelligence will permeate the Forum’s entire programming. One of the panels will debate the impacts of generative artificial intelligence on the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). 

Ilustração IA

Two of the most famous examples of generative AI are ChatGPT, which focuses on text, and DALL-E, which generates images. "Generative artificial intelligence can be a very useful tool for ICT managers, for automating infrastructures, creating blocks of programming codes, providing user support, among other applications. However, generative AI requires some precautions related to information security and privacy, which also need to be on the manager's agenda and which do not replace the human analysis of ICT professionals", ponders Yuri Alexandro, in charge of processing personal data at RNP. Generative AI should bring changes to this sector of the job market, with greater demand for professionals specialized in data management and analysis.

The event will also feature two flash talks on the topic. One of them will explain how machine learning can improve the efficiency and security of programmable networks. The other will address the use of artificial intelligence to manage infrastructure within universities. See the full event schedule here.

Forum will discuss emerging applications in different areas

The 12th edition of the RNP Forum will be held in Brasília between August 29th and 31st. This year's theme is "Emerging Applications in Education, Science and Culture", technologies with great potential already used in various businesses and initiatives (such as distance learning), but which can evolve further. The program will be broadcast online for free. Those interested in following the Forum in person or online can register on the Forum website.

The Forum aims to promote debates on the use of these technologies in innovative projects in different areas of knowledge. In addition to artificial intelligence, other topics that will be covered at the event are the role of these applications in the future of the planet, the philosophical aspect of technology, applications for the development of human and cultural capital in organizations, digitalization of culture, challenges and difficulties in consuming and producing high quality data and many others. 

12th edition of the RNP Forum
Date: from August 29th to 31st.
Location: Royal Tulip Brasília - Setor SHTN - Trecho 01 Conj 1B. Brasília-DF.
Time: 8am to 6pm.

Registration (in person and online) here.