Escola Superior de Redes promotes event to celebrate the role of women in IT

- 20/04/2023

Escola Superior de Redes (ESR), RNP's teaching unit, promotes an online and free event, from 4/25 to 28, on the importance of the presence of women in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) environments. The action celebrates the International Girls in ICT Day, which, this year, takes place on 4/27. Registration will remain open throughout the event. Click here to register.

An initiative of the FUTI project (Female in the IT Universe), created by ESR with the aim of valuing and promoting the presence of women in IT, the event will feature four webinars presented and moderated by women who work in the areas, and translated into Libras.

“The idea of FEMTIC arose precisely so that we could celebrate and publicize Girls in ICT Day and bring to light all the diversity of agendas referring to the universe of women in ICTs. We believe that the programming of this first event will make a lot of difference in expanding the development of women in these areas”, says ESR Academic analyst Tatiana Pontes.

On April 25th, the theme will be the paths to female leadership in ICT. The seminar will address the trajectory of women who reached leadership positions in the technology area, as well as the importance of diversity and inclusion in companies.

The next day, the subject in focus will be gender equality and its impacts on technology and innovation. The lecture on the 27th will deal with Artificial intelligence and how the female gaze can contribute to an ethical application of these technologies. On the last day of the event, speakers from other Latin American countries will talk about female leadership in the rest of the continent

The webinars will be webcast from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, Tuesday through Friday. Those who register will be able to request a certificate of participation and will be able to participate in the drawing of a scholarship for a course on the ESR platform, chosen by the lucky person.

FEMTIC - Women's Week in ICT
Date: from the 25th to the 28th of April

Hours: 10am to 11am

Registration here.

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