Escola Superior de Redes expands its catalog of courses and training with new partnerships

- 31/08/2023

Announcements took place during the 12th edition of the RNP Forum

To expand the range of training programs available to its audience, the Escola Superior de Redes (ESR), teaching unit of RNP (National Teaching and Research Network), confirmed two new collaborations with reference organizations in their areas of activity, the GoLedger and the AWS (Amazon Web Services).

ESR also announced an agreement with CESAR School, CESAR innovation center school, to produce content for a postgraduate course in cybersecurity for the organization and with the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (Ibict) aiming at the Open Science track. The announcements took place this Wednesday (30), during the 12th edition of the RNP Forum.

Since 2006, the year in which the Escola Superior de Redes (ESR) began operating, more than 45 thousand students have been trained in various courses and programs in the area of technology. Of this total, around 17 thousand received free training, as the management contract with the Union provides for an annual number of vacancies available for employees in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) area of federal educational institutions. To date, 152 institutions have benefited. With new collaborations, these numbers tend to grow.

“Since 2018, when we started working with partnerships, the objective is to reduce the ‘time to market’, because we don’t need to develop content from scratch, we get it ready-made. The great intelligence work we have is to identify partners that are ‘heavy’. What we do is analyze the companies available on the market and, currently, we have many more offers from companies that want to become partnerships than we have to internalize this. The idea is to always bring in strong partners who have quality content, which is the school's main purpose. We took advantage of the RNP Forum to publicize our new partners to our community”, explains the deputy director of ESR, Leandro Guimarães.

By signing the agreement with GoLedger, one of the largest specialists in the development of blockchain solutions in Brazil, ESR hopes to strengthen its portfolio of courses and training in this field. Blockchain is a type of public database that is not under the control of any entity. The collaboration will give students access to a wide range of training programs on the topic, considered one of the pillars of Web 3.0, with decentralized services and content.

“GoLedger has been promoting the concept of blockchain technology, more precisely in the academic world, so that we increasingly have professionals capable of implementing this technology. The partnership with ESR, which is an extremely competent institution and well prepared to carry out these training actions, only strengthens this model. For us, it is a great opportunity to have our name together with ESR and RNP in this mission of providing learning about blockchain technology in the country”, says the CEO of GoLedger, Marcos Sarres.

Responsible for providing cloud infrastructure to RNP, the collaboration between AWS and ESR will give students access to more robust courses and certifications in cloud computing, a modality that has become more important in Brazil. 

“The cloud enables governments to adapt and change quickly for the benefit of their citizens, in addition to its agility, security and scalability. With the cloud, it is possible to democratize access to highly sophisticated technologies, helping government agencies to innovate in a variety of processes. We are very happy to collaborate with ESR and offer the possibility for federal employees to train in cloud computing”, highlights the general director of AWS for the Public Sector in Brazil, Paulo Cunha.

The partnership with CESAR School is focused on cybersecurity, an area in which ESR has gained prominence, being one of the academic coordinators of the courses in the Hackers do Bem program, an initiative to train information security professionals. With the collaboration signed with CESAR School, Escola Superior de Redes will be responsible for preparing the contents of the educational organization's postgraduate program in cybersecurity. 

“RNP is a reference in Brazil in terms of networks and security and Cesar School, which is solidifying on the outskirts of Recife, sought a partnership with ESR so that, together, we can offer quality content in cybersecurity, a topic in which there is a very high demand in Brazil, at different levels. In our case, we are working with professionals who are already in the market and need to boost their career”, highlights the executive director of CESAR, Benedito Macedo.

With Ibict, the cooperation aims to enrich the content of the Open Science track offered by ESR. Courses developed by the institute will soon be included, the first titled "Introduction to Open Science" and the second "Dataverse Software for Research Data Repositories".

CompTIA Recognition
During the RNP Forum, Escola Superior de Redes was also recognized by CompTIA, one of the main associations that issues professional certifications for the IT industry in the world, as the "number 1 Academy partner" in Latin America and the Caribbean. Leonard Wadewitz, representative of the organization, was at the event and presented the tribute to Leandro Guimarães, deputy director of ESR, and Olavo Calaça, the School's Growth coordinator.

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