Circuit failures cause problems connecting to the internet

- 13/07/2018

Academic institutions served by RNP's Points of Presence (PoPs) in Maranhão, Amazonas and Roraima had internet connection problems between July 7th and 12th due to failures that affected the circuits between AM/DF, AM/PA, MA/CE and MA/PA, caused by the rupture of optical fibre. In the North, isolation in Amazonas and Roraima has generated connection instability for over 14 hours. In Maranhão, the instability lasted about four hours.

Last Saturday (July 7th), a double failure was recorded, which affected the AM/DF and AM/PA circuits, leaving the AM and RR PoPs isolated from the rest of the academic network. According to Embratel, the reason was the burning of an equipment at the operating station in Belém (PA). The same circuits were again affected on July 10th, due to a fibre rupture in Ilha da Marchantaria (AM), caused by tree fall.

On July 11th and 12th, a combined drop in the AM/DF and AM/PA circuits was recorded, leaving the AM and RR PoPs isolated once again. According to the operators Embratel and Junto Telecom, the reason was a fibre optic rupture in Porto Franco (MA), caused by excavations for post installations of the local energy provider. The circuits started operating again on July 12th and the internet connection to the institutions was re-established.

In Maranhão, a fibre optic rupture in São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE), due to vandalism, caused a double failure that affected the circuits MA/CE and MA/PA. The problem left RNP's Point of Presence isolated from the rest of the network for about four hours, which in turn affected the internet connection that reaches the state institutions.

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