Cinemas in Network highlights Maxakali audiovisual production at the end of the cycle ‘Other Amerindian movies

- 17/12/2020

In December, the cycle “Other Amerindian movies: new perspectives about the indigenous audiovisual production” promoted by RNP in partnership with the research group Poética Ameríndias, highlights the audiovisual production Tikmũ'ũn (Maxakali), with six documentaries selected by the curator Bernard Belisário from Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia (UFSB). On December 17, at 7 pm, a debate with the directors and organizers Isael and Suely Maxakali and the researchers Rosângela de Tugny, from UFSB, and Lara Linhalis Guimarães, from Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (Ufop), will close the program cycle started in October.

The movies chosen for the month were developed from training projects and partnerships between organizers, caciques and Tikmũ'ũn shamans, operators, technicians and researchers at UFSB. (Watch the six documentaries on the  site of Cinemas in Network).

In the debate, the spectators will be able to learn more about Isael´s and Suely´s audiovisual production experience, they are directors and indigenous organizers of the Maxakali people, who live in Aldeia Verde, in the municipality of Ladainha Minas Gerais, and portray the daily life and the symbolic universe of their community in movies and cartoons, guaranteeing both record of their culture, and its dissemination and affirmation in non-indigenous media. Isael was the winner of the 2020 edition of PIPA Online - a category decided by popular vote of the PIPA Award.

The researchers and the teachers Rosângela de Tugny and Lara Linhalis Guimarães will enrich the virtual chat. The first is a full professor at UFSB, where she leads the research group Poética Ameríndias. She coordinated projects at the Curt Lange Collection and the Ethnomusicology Laboratory of UFMG, developing research on the indigenous musical practices. In collaboration with specialists of the sing repertoires of Tikmũ'ũn (Maxakali), she organized translation, editing and publication of movies, recordings, song and myth translation books, in addition to textbooks.

Lara is an audiovisual professor at UFOP and creator of the Journalism Observatory (S), a space to think "possible journalism, possible worlds" based on other ways of translating the world, especially from the cosmologies of the Amerindian peoples and the shamanic translation experience. She also guides series of research and works in the anthropology, audiovisual production, Amerindian ontologies and  journalism areas.

Other Amerindian movies: new perspectives about the indigenous audiovisual production

  • Date: 11/19
  • Time: 7 PM

Debate with filmmakers broadcast live on the website of Cinemas in Network on Facebook: