CAIS guarantees the safe operation of Sisu 2023

The articulation of human and technological resources for the safe execution of a program such as the Unified Selection System (Sisu) is a challenge that RNP has faced over the last few years. This is because it is essential to ensure the protection of the network and the data made available by students who simultaneously access the system to enroll in higher education courses. And to meet this demand, RNP brings together experts from different areas, including the Security Incident Response Center, the CAIS.

From the mobilization of the team of specialists to the mapping of the system for the application of cybersecurity tools, CAIS strives to carry out an active and detailed monitoring of the system, to guarantee the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the information, so much so that, in this second edition of Sisu 2023, included the operations of its Security Operations Center (SOC) in the action.

The SOC's surveillance relies on state-of-the-art technology and detection and analysis tools, in addition to working full time and playing a fundamental role in the operation, to ensure that the system's security is carried out without any type of incident.

According to SOC's technical leader, João Guimarães, the biggest challenge of this action is to act assertively to meet the size of the project. “The operation requires professionals to be always prepared, tools well configured and constant monitoring to identify threats and attacks that could compromise system availability”, he said.

Another obstacle to be overcome by RNP in carrying out Sisu in this second semester was the creation of technological infrastructure at the Ministry of Education (MEC). For this, the organization anticipated several stages, such as preparing the entire structure, scaling components, changing machines, testing the application, and also passing on technical knowledge to the MEC team.

According to RNP's project coordinator, Hélder Oliveira, the organization's role in this context goes beyond providing knowledge and technological resources, but also helping the MEC in the execution of this public government policy, which connects with RNP's purpose of transforming lives. “In addition to all this infrastructure, we are talking about the best professionals in the country, whose purpose is to ensure that there is no technological problem that prevents the candidate from reaching their objective, which is the vacancy”, he said.

The second edition of Sisu 2023 took place from 6/19 to 6/22, at the MEC premises. 51,277 vacancies were made available in 65 institutions of higher education across the country, to an audience of 1,956,815 candidates eligible to participate in the program.


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