Blackout leaves institutions in the North and Northeast regions isolated from the academic network

- 15/08/2023

This Tuesday (8/15), the electricity blackout that occurred in all regions of Brazil in the morning affected the connection of teaching and research institutions in states in the North and Northeast, leaving them isolated. 

According to RNP, the academic network's Points of Presence in Amapá, Rondônia and Sergipe were affected. Of these, only Amapá was disconnected for around six hours. In the other cases, the downtime was less than two hours. In Amazonas, electricity is intermittent. In Acre, it was detected that data traffic was reduced due to the absence of connected clients.  

According to the deputy director of Engineering and Operations, Ari Frazão Júnior, in cases like this, the functioning of IT in universities is usually hampered by the absence of an efficient autonomous energy generation system. 

Understand the case 

Of 25 states and the Federal District, only Roraima, as it is not connected to the National Interconnected System, was not affected by the electricity interruption. The causes of the problem, according to the National Electric System Operator (ONS), are still being investigated. 

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