Anilla Cultural presents the 4th International Congress of Education and New Media

- 23/05/2018

On May 23 and 24, the Anilla Cultural, a project of the Uruguay academic network (RAU) that connects cultural organizations in Latin America and Europe, will present the 4th International Congress of Education and New Media with the theme of Human Mediation. The goal is to gather institutions from several countries to discuss and share experiences about education and new media.

In this context, the event will discuss how the human interaction creates, transforms and readapts new technologies. According to Anilla Cultural, it is necessary that this process of transformation “enables the creation of a personal and collective space with multiple meaning appropriations” and that the collaborative work of co-authoring opens up unprecedented authoring spaces in an atmosphere of creative community.

In its 4th edition, the audience will be able to participate in the Congress in different ways: in conferences, discussion forums, demonstrations and online interactions. The main topic of discussion will be divided into groups with the purpose of creating an ecosystem and a knowledge database on the following areas: Cultural Design, Cultural Consciousness, Data Culture, and Cosmic Culture.

The event will have live streaming and simultaneous interpreting into English and Portuguese.

Learn more about the conference on the website of Anilla Cultural.

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