4th edition of the Network Technologies Workshop of PoP-RN debates context of remote work and education

- 02/08/2021

Between 28 and 29/07, the Point of Presence of Rio Grande do Norte (PoP-RN) hosted the 4th edition of its Network Technologies Workshop. In a 100% online format, the main topic of the event was network technology in the context of remote working and teaching.

The opening of the virtual meeting was presented by the dean of UFRN, Prof. Dr. José Daniel Diniz Melo, the administrative coordinator of the PoP-RN, Prof. Dr. Sergio Vianna Fialho, and the manager of relationships with the components of the RNP System in the Federation, Cristiane Oliveira.

The program of the WTR started in the afternoon of 28/09, with a presentation by the administrative coordinator of PoP-RN, Prof. Dr. Sergio Vianna Fialho, about the current state of deployment of the first stage of the Infopath of Rio Grande do Norte. Next, Francisco Sales de Lima Filho of IFRN brought reflection about "Resilience in times of Covid: People, Business, and ICT.

Digital exclusion, teleworking, and remote education during the pandemic gained prominence in the presentation by Fabio Storino, Nic.br, which used the results from the ICT COVID-19 panel and ICT Providers 2020 to illustrate some of the challenges of digital inclusion in Brazil. The first day was closed with a panel that discussed solutions for remote education, with the participation of professor Itamir de Morais Barroca (IMD/UFRN), Eliudson Raphael (EMS), professor André Gustavo (IFRN), and Ana Paula Flôr (SEEC-RN).

The morning of the second day of the event was dedicated to training. The new Data Protection Officer of RNP, Yuri Alexandre, headed a workshop on "Privacy by Design", a methodology created in the 1990s that thinks about user data protection from the conception and planning of system and product development projects, but is growing in relevance now that privacy has become not only just a market differential but a necessity to meet legal requirements.

In the afternoon, Eduardo Barasal Morales presented the Citizens in the Network, a tool developed by NIC.br so that network administrators can teach how to be good Internet users. Next, André Dantas addressed the challenges and solutions found by the IT Superintendence of UFRN, and Luciano Fernandes da Rocha, of the Services department of RNP, talked about the new personal certificate of ICPEdu, a response to the community demand for the implementation of digital processes.

In the final moments of WTR-RN, Constantino Emiliano Loiola, from the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Protection (Sesed-RN), presented the difficulties and solutions found for remote work and teaching in Public Security in Rio Grande do Norte. Eduardo B. Santos of PicPay highlighted the growth of cyber-attacks during a pandemic and measures that should be taken by users. Julio Sirota, NIC.br, closed the session talking about the impacts of the pandemic on the Internet exchange points of IX.br operated by NIC.br, both in the short term (beginning of social isolation) as in subsequent months.

The next WTR scheduled will be hosted by PoP-RO on 26 and 27/08.

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